SAP NetWeaver

Companies worldwide use SAP software to execute and log business processes. However, there are only limited possibilities to perform batch background processes with SAP resources. APX/PCC eliminates these limitations using the SAP certified XBP interface. The scheduler plans and controls the job execution via the interface, both within SAP NetWeaver, SAP BW, SAP CRM, and SAP IS-U.

It is also possible to import all required job definitions automatically from SAP into the SQL database or to start jobs defined in SAP. Values for execution parameters are automatically determined and set in the TVARVC table. This feature saves approx. 20% to 25% of the variants in the SAP NetWeaver Reports.

Why is an

external scheduler required for SAP NetWeaver?

The SAP NetWeaver and SAP BW systems have internal background processing functions. The possibilities of a company-wide control of the processing are, however, very limited. That's why SAP has provided a standardized interface for external, professional scheduler systems.