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APM Software GmbH has been standing for sophisticated quality software for more than 40 years. Our team of highly qualified developers creates market-oriented software solutions for job scheduling and workload automation. We specialize in the automatic handling of all batch processes in companies that work with mainframe systems as well as heterogeneous infrastructures.

We see ourselves as an IT service provider that develops software precisely as the current market requires and in close cooperation with our customers. Each release of our APX/PCC software solutions is based on recognized quality standards, professional methods, and proven technologies.

Short company and product history


In 1976, the founder of APM Software GmbH had the idea to develop a scheduling system for the mainframe systems VSE and OS/VS1. He called this scheduling system HS5000.


In 1980, he switched HS5000 to MVS (z/OS) at MBB (now Airbus). Among the first users of the HS5000 system were the companies MTU and T-Systems in Munich.


In 1984 the UNISOFTWARE GmbH was founded as a predecessor company of the later APM Software GmbH. One of the first tasks of APM Software GmbH, founded in 1991, was the conversion from HS5000 to today's APX/PCC.

Mid 1990

Until the mid-1990s, HS5000-APM was the mainframe product for the z/OS-MVS, VM/VSE, BS2000, and OS/400 worlds. This product has been very successful on the market and was used by almost 200 companies in Germany and Europe.

client-server era

At the beginning of the client-server era, the APX/Host was introduced. This solution enables the mainframe to carry out central control of the production. All the scheduling systems on the market were able to work with this system and serve the decentralized IT infrastructure.


Since 1996, APX/PCC – Cross-Platform Scheduling – has been the company's strategic product. This modern system, which can be flexibly implemented in all IT infrastructures, plans, and controls all IT platforms.


In 2012, the new APX/PCC 2.0 and the web interface webAPX came onto the market. These new releases were introducing new and improved features, facilitating its use even further. Until today we continuously improve and optimize APX/PCC to meet the newest standards and company requirements.

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Call us during business hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at +49-40-870 872-0. Or write an e-mail to , if you have further questions about the company, our products or you are interested in our seminars.