Gruner + Jahr AG

High-Quality Job Scheduling


Objectives for selecting the scheduler

After transferring all applications from the OS390/MVS mainframe environment to client-server technologies, the company required a scheduling and control tool for managing its batch processes. The Windows- and Unix-based landscape expanded at a rapid pace, with many different Unix derivatives in use. Also, hundreds of cross-platform dependencies needed to be controlled within a very narrow daily time window based on events.

An essential criterion for choosing the system was to find a competent manufacturer with longstanding experience in the scheduling arena. Moreover, the system needed to be able to adapt to the requirements and the existing infrastructure flexibly. Fast implementation and secure handling were just as important as the actual technical features of the product.

Solution Based on APX/PCC

The daily workload of approx. 1,500 to 2,000 batch processes are executed on schedule using roughly 600 different servers. The PCC-GUI provides the users with up-to-date information on the production status at all times. Ad-hoc requirements from the specialist departments can be integrated into the scheduled workflows whenever the need arises. Thanks to automated control of return codes and values returned by the processes, actions required for restarting a job are launched without delay. This solution helps to guarantee smooth production and keeps the number of canceled jobs very low. Event-driven processing also ensures that there are no conflicts with database backups or other system tasks.


  • All batch processes are centrally managed, scheduled and controlled
  • Flexible adjustment to existing infrastructure
  • SLAs agreed with specialist departments are adhered to
  • Structured PCC-GUI provides extensive information
  • Automated actions in the event of job problems
  • Automated processing of job parameters
  • No resource allocation conflicts during processing