Weru AG

Custom-Tailored Job Scheduling


Objectives for selecting the scheduler

Up until the end of 2005, WERU employed an IBM mainframe (VSE operating system). In early January 2006, that system was fully migrated to a SUSE Linux environment running Oracle. The company needed a job scheduling system that manages all batch jobs in the new landscape, transparently visualizes batch jobs, and is easy to use. Another critical factor was to be able to control the interdependencies of the jobs.

Solution Based on APX/PCC

The former mainframe batch jobs were converted to UNIX batch scripts and fully mapped in APX/PCC. This solution means that dependent SAP jobs can be launched directly via APX/PCC. When we started production for the first time, APX/PCC was also able to replace several existing interfaces. Planning was further optimized by introducing a second calendar for the Triptis/Thuringia site.


  • Competent support and consulting from the manufacturer
  • Attractive license models
  • User-friendly system and user interface design
  • On-time execution of all workflows and processes
  • Supports reliable simulation of deviations from the schedule
  • Transparent and well-documented job workflows